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Johnes Ruta, writer, ¨ Mercurator ¨
Independent Curator & Art Theorist
" ThothHermes "

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Frieda Howling


abstract shapes
oils on canvas

William Kent


Carved Wood Sculpure

and Slate Prints

Jeanmarie Conlon

Visionary Abstract Art
  Joan Tumpson


Stoimen Stoilov
etchings & paintings
Dana Naumann
metal sculptures
SSG - Six Summit Gallery
Westbrook, CT October, 2021

  Kat*ia Jirankova Levanti

The poetry of the Subconscious Mind
Henry Luther Loomis

arylic Paintings

  Tibetan Thanka "Rahula" The Sublime Symbolism of Buddhist Thanka Paintings

artists of Nepal and Tibet

Wendy Gell

Jewelry Design

and "Gelastic" Art

  Valeriu Boborelu

Queens, New York

artist originally from Bucharest, Romania

spiritualist paintings

Maralyn Adlin

Inspired Still Lifes and Figurative Paintings

BA Fine Art; Pratt Institute;
MA Teaching C.W. Post;
Art Students League, NYC.
  Ebenezer Sunder Singh

paintings and drawings

artist of New Delhi, India & NYC

Dana Baldwin


Lead Sculptures
  Ralph Levesque
Higganum, CT

mixed media paintings
Gus Moran

oil paintings, sculptures,
mixed media works

  Fethi Meghelli

lithography, mixed media, paintings, sculpture
Jane Gilman Fleischner

abstract landscape paintings

Helene Burke
New York City

mixed media paintings

Floral Watercolors
& Watercolor House Portraits

Lisie Orjuela

oil paintings on canvas

artist originally from
Buenos Aries, Argentina
Claudine Burns-Smith

Ceramic Sculptures

artist originally from
Paris, France


Azoth Gallery is a community and international forum for the exhibition of the work of emerging and established artists. It is a virtual gallery and a physical exhibition space in several intermittent venues. Its central focus is in the field of progressive and avant-garde visual ideas, though it is not limited to abstract or modernist art.

Azoth defined: < Arabic 1477: al - or az - : the, za'uq : mercury > In Alchemy: "the Mercury" was the First Principle of all the Metals. In the chemistry of the Middle Ages up to the 16th century, alchemy was limited to the pursuit of the transmutation of metals, the search for the alkahest (mercury is the universal solvent in which all metals dissolve) and the Panacea (the universal elixir of health, longevity, and consciousness.)

Independent curator Johnes Ruta, originally from Stratford, CT, is a consultant with several art galleries in Connecticut and New York City. He is an artist representative, collector, activist and theorist of art, philosophy, and science history, and periodically sponsors forums on these subjects. Mr. Ruta is a published author of surrealist writings exploring the Unconscious. He has been a business analyst, computer programmer since 1978, and now a web designer. From 1973 to 1978, he was the Managing Editor & Theatre Critic of The Entertainer, a cultural newsmagazine in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. From 1988 to 2005, he was the art director of the York Square Gallery in New Haven, and from September 1, 2005 to August 31, 2015 of the Gallery of the New Haven Free Public Library. He is an Associate Curator for Gallery RIVAA on Roosevelt Island, NYC, also for Hagaman Memorial East Haven Library, Lyric Hall in Westville, CT, and other venues. He lives in Westville, and is a representative for New Haven on the Cable TV Advisory Council, also Board Vice President of the the William Meredith Foundation for the late U.S. Poet Laureate, and a Trustee of the William Kent Charitable Foundation for the late sculptor. As an "art theorist," he works to understand and support issues of creativity, Form, expression, and cultural transition.



~ Johnes Ruta

The goal of my research, and my public works as an independent curator since 1988 and as an art theorist, is to develop a visual vocabulary which reflects the positive criteria of creative originality & culture, technical and aesthetic qualities, and the inherent depths of forms and themes.

Since 2001, I have organized and sponsored seven free forums in New Haven, CT, each presenting three-day weekend presentations of lecturers from all over the US on art, philosophical, scientific, and architectural history, and mythology through the ages.
For details, please see

I have also attended historical conferences in Prague (1995 & 1997),
Granada, Spain & Marrakesh (2007), and Ortigia Sicily (2014), and many in New York City.

As an independent curator, I do whatever I can, working with artists of all ages and talents, to bring about greater cultural exchange, awareness, acceptance and enthusiasm for the arts. My vision is to apply the experience of my travels to art museums and galleries around the US and Europe, as well as my studies, to create an international center for the arts in New Haven. This center would offer programs in art history and appreciation, and bring artists’ work from abroad to the US, and would offer US artists the opportunity to see their work exported to foreign venues and recognition.

The historical parallels between science and creative culture are a continuing evolution. I support the non-linear expressions in contemporary art, but remain fascinated by the recurrent themes found especially in periods of technological or intellectual transition -- such as the parallels of Classical antiquity , the Renaissance, the theory of the Baroque, and the Romantic Movement. Advances in astronomy, medicine, and transportation parallel with those in music, the visual arts, and philosophy are investigated and charted.

-- As a well-known arts activist, I try to look into the distant future to see the eventualities of present actions and the potential manifestations of the human psyche; also looking into the past, through which a Light-Stream of creative expressions has illuminated a path of human survival, thought, and dignity : the forces of preservation, aesthetics, and Enlightenment -- against trends of decay and intolerance.


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